Hey there Crafty Stealers!

My house is a huge wreck right now.  Not only because my children and husband live here, but because when school starts  (and I have a couple of hours all to myself!), I have the irresistible urge to organize drawers, clean out closets and redesign (and redecorate!).  My office/craft room is currently in the most disarray because my fabulous husband has finally “cried uncle”, given up the space he used in our shared office and turned the whole room over to me.  (He lovingly calls it my “woman cave” now!).

After buying new work desks (yes, two!) and an IKEA Expedit to add to my other furniture, I am currently in the process of finding new ways to organize my stash in a useful way.  I’ve been cruising Pinterest for craft room ideas and ran across this lovely room (the pin was from Craftaholics Anonymous but it’s from a blogger from How To Nest For Less) with these awesome framed pegboards.

I decided that I NEEDED one of these to hang my most used tools on – you know, those that are too big to live on my desk and used too often to reside in a shelf or basket on the other side of the room from where I work. (I’m a sit down kind of scrapper).

So after my little one went back to pre-school, I spent a day spray painting, another day (kind of dangerously) sawing, and another finding the right peg hooks – I finally have something to show for it!

It was easy and very inexpensive to make this custom piece.  I’m sure I could have spent less money if I had more power tools (and lets face it, skill!) in my garage to cut molding for a frame, but I still got away much cheaper than anything I could have purchased.

Materials used:

  • Piece of peg board (I got mine at Lowe’s in a piece that measured 24″ by 48″ for $6)
  • Frame (this one I got on clearance at Aaron Brothers because it was somehow damaged (neither I nor the salesperson could figure out how), for $9)
  • Spray paint ($4)
  • Hooks for the peg board (I got a HUGE variety pack at Lowe’s for $11)
  • saw

First I removed the glass and backing from the frame, sat it on two quart paint cans and sprayed the front and edges black.  (To match my crafty room furniture).

Next, I laid the piece of glass on top of the pegboard to trace the size I would need.  Then I cut out that piece of pegboard and spray painted it black as well.

After everything was dry, I put glue around the inside border of the frame and glued the pegboard in.

I added hooks for hanging on the back, and hooks for the pegboard in the front, then hung it on the wall.

Voila! Custom piece for around $30. I even used some of the CraftyBasics chalkboard vinyl to label my adhesive bin and hung the CraftyBasics washi tape on some pegs.  ;)

Plus, I re-purposed the leftover pegboard and hung it in my daughter’s closet to hang her belts and purses (our owner, Stephanie has these in her sons’ closets and I thought it was a FABULOUS idea!). I used the leftover hooks in her closet as well.  I also used the glass from the frame.  After backing it with felt and sanding the edges smooth I had a nice glass top for my workspace that will keep the paint, glue and mess off my pretty new desk!

As I finish more projects and get more organized I’ll show you what I am doing – someday I’ll may even do a full reveal (if and when I actually finish!).

Have a fabulous Sunday!