This past weekend, my family and I went to visit some friends.  While I was there, my friend showed me all of the crafty things she has been doing around her house (she is a master at making wreaths and the queen of glue-gunning!).  One project that I loved, was a wreath that looks like Frosty, complete with a felt hat, plaid scarf and corncob pipe.  As I was falling asleep that night, my mind started turning to the gift card holders I was putting together for this week and I started formulating a plan for making a snowman gift card holder.  The next day I started playing with dimensions and I came up with a finished project that I’m going to share with you! (I also have to apologize ahead of time for the lighting in the photos – with my kids out of school all week, it was hard for me to work during the day and my night lighting needs serious help!)

What you need:

  • White or cream cardstock, measuring approximately 8″ x 8″
  • Black cardstock
  • 1 brad or eyelet (in any color that coordinates with the papers)
  • Embellishments that can create eyes, scarves, nose and mouth – such as buttons, washi, etc.
  • Dry and wet adhesive

Fold the white cardstock in half.

Place the gift card in the middle of the paper (fold towards the bottom) and let it “stick up” about 2 inches off of the top. Take a pencil and make a line around the card, leaving a little bit of room around the sides.

Now draw a circle and bottom (brim) of a top hat (see picture below) to make it look like a snowman.

Cut out the circle/bottom (but not the place where the gift card was!)

Put dry adhesive around the edges and ALSO on that line where the gift card was – the fold the paper in the other direction so that two sides are stuck together.

Pull out the black cardstock and lay the white cardstock on top so that the brim is sitting at the bottom of the paper.  Freehand a top hat shape with a brim wider than the white brim.

Fold the paper where the top of the hat is, and then cut out the hat.

Place adhesive along the sides and top of hat along with the sides of the brim, and then flip the other side over to make the sides stick together.

This piece should now fit on top of the white piece to look like a snowman head.

Attach the hat to the head with a brad placed on one side of the hat’s brim and embellish with button eyes, carrot nose, and scarf. I used some old buttons for the eyes and mouth, some Crafty Basics washi tape for the scarf and along the brim, and My Mind’s Eye Dear Santa border strips for the nose, brim and brad.

See you tomorrow for another gift holder – for the boys in your life!