Good morning!

Hopefully most of you are getting the shopping out of the way and moving into wrapping territory! I actually love wrapping presents, and I’ve been wrapping since before Thanksgiving. Seeing how I love it so much, I though I would take this week to share some gift wrapping tips and tricks that I have tried and used over the years.

Today we start with washi – washi bows to be exact. Last year, I showed you guys how to make a very simple paper bow that looked like this…

I took that idea and tried to replicate the results using washi.  After all, there are so many cute washi tapes out there (like the Crafty Basics ones) and I’m always looking for new ways to use them.

To start, take a wrapped package (I used brown kraft paper) and some washi tape (one color or more coordinating colors).

Wrap the washi around the paper vertically and horizontally (just like you would with ribbon).

Tear a piece of washi that is about 16″ long and fold it over on itself, making sure to leave just a little bit of the sticky edges exposed.

Roll it into a circle and then secure it in that loop with the sticky end.

Repeat with smaller lengths of washi tape – around 12″ and 8″ (I’ll be honest, I’m not very exact when doing this).

Place the circles on top of each other (largest on the bottom) and “smush” the center flat.

Wrap a piece of washi around the center to keep the circles together and attach it to the package.

Add some washi strips to look like ribbon ends and you are done! Cute package to go under the tree (or send off to a birthday party like I did!).

I’ll be here all week with more gift wrapping ideas, so be sure to check the blog tomorrow. :)