Good morning!

Day 3 of our Christmas Card week, and I’m still feeling like we should re-visit some fun ideas from our bloggy past. Today, it’s quilling. If you aren’t familiar with quilling, it’s the art of rolling thin strips of paper into cool and intricate designs. Below is a card I created for a quilling tutorial – both the flower and leaves are examples of quilling.






I thought I’d keep the actual quilling simple – and make a bunch of quilled circles into ornaments for a tree.


Materials needed:


  • Card base (Mine is 4″ x 5.5″)
  • 1 piece of solid red cardstock cut to match card base (so mine is 3.75″ x 5.25″)
  • 1 piece of solid green cardstock cut to match card base (so mine is 3.75″ x 5.25″)
  • scraps strips of paper that around around 6″ long cut into thin strips (less than 1/4″)


First put the red base on the card.






Next cut your tree from the green piece. A simple way to make things easy is to do a gentle fold at the top (when held vertically) of the paper. Then use that little fold mark as a guide to cut from each bottom corner to the fold mark.


Quilling the ornaments is drastically easier when you have a quilling tool (which I do). You can also wind the paper around something thin, like a chopstick end or even a toothpick! Just take the end and twirl. Glue the end to the roll so it doesn’t unravel.






Attach the tree to the base and cover with ornaments!









Quilling is pretty fun, and you can make some amazing designs to add to your projects.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!