Good morning!

Christmas morning is coming soon my friends. I don’t know what Santa does at your house (apparently he has different traditions everywhere! ;) ), but at our house he NEVER wraps gifts. While I am sure this makes life simpler on Santa, my kids have a bad habit of sneaking in and seeing their gifts BEFORE coming in to wake up their parents. So this year, I thought we could leave dear old Mr. Claus some sacks, so that he doesn’t have to wrap, but there is still an element of surprise.


I found some sacks for a GREAT deal on Amazon (of course!). Personalized Santa Sacks



Now to make my mark on them. There are a variety of ways to make easy stencils. You can use freezer paper (tutorial HERE) or cut out some vinyl with a die-cutter. We even have some fun stencils to choose from at CraftySteals, like these cute snowflakes from Carta Bella.






You could also stamp on them with larger foam stamps. Use a fabric paint if you go with any of those, so that you can later wash if necessary.

I decided to go with a monogram cut with heat transfer vinyl. The monogram instead of something uber Christmas-y, because as my kids are getting older, I want them to still use these, and they might be laundry bags for college someday!

I made the middle letters around 8″ to give them scale on the laundry bags and placed them a bit closer to the bottom so that you would see them more clearly if the bag was not completely filled.

*DON’T FORGET to mirror your images before you cut. It’s painful to waste the materials. Not that I would ever do something like that…






It’s a great way to wrap up those big or odd shaped gifts!






Have a great Sunday – only two more weeks until Christmas!