Good morning!

As you may have noticed this past couple of weeks (years?), I’m an avid punch user. Obviously, I use my square and circle punches most often, but I don’t want to forget about my other punches and love to find ways to incorporate them into my projects.

I have quite a few small punches. And when I say small, I really mean kinda teeny. See?


If you can’t tell, there are random circle shapes, a star, a butterfly and even a deer in there.

Today, I’m encouraging us all to use those random shaped punches to make a wreath card (this is an awesome way to use that rocket punch for your son or that cat shape for your favorite cat-loving friend).






Materials needed:

  • Card base
  • Background for base
  • Scrap paper in the same color family (I went for greens)
  • Thin ribbon or twine


This is a fun one because you can punch pieces in front of your favorite holiday movie. Just make a pile!






Now place your background onto your card base. Make a circle with glue (your wreath shape) and begin sticking on your bitty shapes.







When you feel like you have enough, stop. (And then maybe add a few more for good measure!) Now to put a sweet bow on your wreath!  Add a sentiment or any embellishments you’d like. I added some berry bling.







I even made a tree with my leftover punches. :)






Just one more week until Christmas!