Merry Christmas!

We are in crunch time here people! Many gifts have been opened, Santa and his elves have come and gone, but I’m sure there are a few last minute gifts you’ll need to cross off your list. I have the perfect one – CASH! I know, it seems impersonal, but who doesn’t love a bit of money in their pocket?

Now, in order to dress up our cash, there are many ideas out there (and many I have shared with you on the blog). Today, we are taking the cash and turning it into something fun and festive – origami style.

Materials needed:

  • 3-4 bills in whatever denominations you’d like to give.
  • nimble fingers


Start with a dollar bill and fold it in half lengthwise.







Now take your right side and fold it UNDER at an angle somewhere close to 45 degrees (right around the N in ONE).








Fold the opposite side under in the same manner, but obviously in the opposite direction.








See that triangle top? That’s the top of your tree!


Fold one of the edges upward and then a little bit dog-eared. A bit hard to put into words but just take a gander at the picture to get the right idea.







Now fold in the other part so that it can be hidden in the back of the triangle. (It doesn’t much matter how neat it is, but try to make less folds so that it lies a bit flatter.)


tree11 tree10




Once that is done, open up the bottom and the sides and fold and tuck in the pieces so that they are hidden. (Again, super hard to put into words, but check out my pictures.)




tree7 tree6 tree5




Repeat this with the other side that is still hanging out, and you will come up with this…








Now tuck this new side into the other side.








That makes a triangle!







To make additional pieces of the tree, you’ll repeat the steps ALMOST the same. Just start with a bill that is folded lengthwise about 1/4 of the way and again about 2/3 of the way respectively.  Here is a picture below…








Now you can tuck the pieces into each other, placing the larger one on the bottom and moving upwards.

You could stop here, or if you’d like to put a trunk on your tree, you need to grab one more bill and keep going. :)   Just take your bill and lay it lengthwise, folding in half, and then continuing on until you have a trunk the size you’d like.







You could take the tree and put it on a card base, or just throw it in a card and call it a day. :) I think everyone will love seeing this fun little gift and no one could say you didn’t put some effort into it! ;) This is also a great way for kids to get involved, as it is a nice, simple example of origami.