Good morning!

I remember LOVING to get the mail when I was younger, especially when there was something addressed to me. There was something so exciting about seeing my name on an envelope. It made me feel special. To this day, I love getting a hand-addressed piece of mail, whether it be a card or letter. It’s a ray of sunshine in a pile of credit card applications and advertisements.

We all know how to make a card, but I’m guessing most of us don’t think about all of the other ways we can send personalized notes through our USPS. Some of them for less than you might think! Today, I want to share some of the ways you can communicate through SNAIL MAIL!


POSTCARDS (Right now, postcard stamps are 34 cents.)

First and foremost, your postcard has to follow USPS guidelines. Below is a chart showing USPS Domestic Guidelines. Note the size and thickness maximums for postcards.



Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 11.12.27 AM



Now, to get down to business. Obviously, as paper crafters, we probably have tons of PAPER at our fingertips. You can cut up a 12 x 12 piece of paper and get 6 4 x 6 postcards! You can add embellishments that don’t add much dimension. Think flat stickers, rub-ons, and stamps. Think of these as little mini canvases to play and experiment on. Also a great way to get rid of random stickers left on a sheet.









Another great thing to mail? Photos. Sometimes we have photos we develop or hate to erase because they are cute, but not the first choice for a layout. Let them live on by sending them to a loved one. One of my favorite ways to say THANK YOU, is to take a picture of my child with the gift given and send it off the the gift giver. Grandparents especially love these thank yous.




Did you know you can mail a box of candy like a little package? Just slap on a label and delight the kid (or kid at heart) who receives it! (Check with your post office for correct postage.)



You don’t have to send a message in a bottle on ocean waves, you can do it through the mail! Just fill an empty bottle and put the lid on tight! You’ll have to take it to the post office, but it would be a cute way to mail invites to a pirate party!


I’m just adding this in for fun, and to let you know how silly some people are. You can mail a potato. Yep, an actual potato. There are even companies that will do it for you. So silly and random!
Hope this inspires you to get something fun in the mail and bring a smile to the face of the recipient!

Have a fabulous Sunday,