American Crafts Chalkboard Paint – 1 bottle of Black only


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Product Description

Display your artistic side with Chalkboard Paint from American Crafts. Use like an actual chalkboard, use with standard chalk or chalk markers. Perfect for DIY and home decorating projects. This chalkboard paint is ready to use, non toxic and odorless. Works on wood, paper, etc.

This STEAL includes 1 – 8.45oz bottle of Black Paint

Instructions for use:

  1. Prepare surface prior to application: remove all loose or peeling paint
  2. If necessary, sand, clean, and thoroughly dry area to be painted
  3. Stir paint immediately prior to application
  4. Apply a single, even coat with a foam brush or foam roller
  5. Allow to dry completely
  6. A second coat may be applied after 24 hours